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Coffee Culture

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Now, our life becomes busy, it is a necessary way for people to enjoy a cup of coffee for relaxing. And more and more people love coffee and attach importance to profound coffee culture.

“Coffee”, is originated in Greece. But now Brazil is the biggest output country in the World. It produces almost all kinds of coffee beans. Second-place output country is Vietnam in Asia, it mainly produces Robusta Coffee. But usually Arabica coffee beans is used to make top-quality coffee. Well, the third-place output country is Indonesia, 80% of the coffee beans it produces is Robusta too.

Even though coffee output volume in Brazil is the biggest all over the World, America is the biggest coffee consumption country. Then, it is followed by Brazil, German, Japan and so on. But if we take average coffee consumption into consideration, the rank list will be changed, the first country is Luxembourg, followed by Australia, Norway, Denmark, Switzerland, Sweden and so on. Well, you may find there are so many North European countries. I guess it may be because of cold climate.

In China, more and more people will enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning to keep themselves powerful all day. And in order to adapt to quick life pace, most of people and stores chose automatic coffee machines for serving cups of coffee. And now, our company launches lots of kinds of coffee machines: Bean to Cup coffee machines, instant coffee machines and so on. If you are interested in them, please feel free to contact us here! 

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