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Science Creation Competition: Producing the most excellent & intelligent dispensers for the world!

 2017-04-25 | View:72

We are the global intelligent beverage dispenser leader and top manufacturer for table top hot & cold beverage dispensers in OCS & Ho. Re. Ca. Market. We are the key supplier to Kraft, Lipton, KFC, Burger King and Coca Cola, 7 11, etc. Based on our experienced team and European innovative technology, we are growing very fast and now is the Top 3 manufacturer in China.

Our coffee machines, ice cream machines, juice machines, slush machines, etc. have all kinds of patents.

With high technology and strong development, the local government organized some residents to visit our company this month. All of them enjoyed coffee and ice cream with happiness. Also, they had a preliminary understanding of the working principle and inspection procedures of our machines. They are surprised that the machines they saw in different locations are all produced by our company! They also felt the importance of creation and value of science.