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Office coffee is here, feel the surprise from iPilot! The leading intelligent commercial coffee machine manufacturer.

View: 226003/02/2021  

Nowadays, coffee has become more and more common in our lives. Some people are used to getting up every morning to drink a cup of coffee, and some people also need coffee to refresh themselves when they are at work. Especially for office workers, coffee is an essential drink. But when is the best time to drink coffee? So let's listen to what the coffee masters of iPilot have to say!

Only when people are tired, the effect of drinking coffee can be more effective. Therefore, when you study or go to work in the morning, your body feels very tired at this time because the blood circulation has been accelerated after having just eaten. There is a sense of excitement and refreshing when I have a cup of coffee at this time. When you feel tired at work, you can also drink a cup of coffee to relieve stress. However, everyone try not to drink coffee before going to bed, it will affect the quality of sleep. Drink coffee every day after meals. This is a more suitable time to drink coffee every day, which is conducive to the digestion of the stomach and intestines, and can reduce the burden on the stomach. Do not drink coffee on an empty stomach, and you should not drink too much coffee every day.

With the faster pace of life of modern people, office coffee has become the choice of many young people. So, how to choose the most suitable office coffee machine? The intelligent commercial fresh-brew coffee machine Q5 Pro could be the best choice.


Intelligent Commercial Fresh-brew Coffee Machine · Q5 Pro:

10.1 inch LCD touch screen, the operation is simpler and faster.

There are 24 flavors to choose from, just one touch.

Independent sub-control heating system brings ideal temperature control and makes extraction and heating more precise.

The selection of high-end boutique integrated grinders can effectively reduce the coffee powder residue and ensure the freshness of the coffee. Three levels of coarse, medium and fine grinding are available.

The visualized digital display intelligent backstage can adjust the cup volume and coffee strength according to the customer's preference.

The intelligent lifting outlet design adapts to different cup heights in the office.

Intelligent waste cake automatic reset, water shortage and bean shortage alarm, etc., can be controlled at any time.

Detachable grinder, brewer, coffee bean silo, powder hopper, etc., convenient for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Optional fresh milk refrigerator to ensure stable and efficient production quality. 

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